Homesteading To Protect The Family

As you are probably aware, the economic climate of the United States of America has spiraled out of control. Everyone from politicians to your next store neighbor has an opinion. I’m not here to debate the governmental reform, health plans and so on. The only thing that I can really say is that as a mother, I’m scared.

– We are living pay check to paycheck.
– The past year has been the worst financial year of my adult life.
– The price of groceries, utilities and almost everything has increased and. continue to rise.
-We have a very unpleasant,market cornered Electricity company in my area. Fees, interest, deposits, high bills, additional deposits are some of the favorite actions of the electric company
Due to moving aka transferring electric to new home, fees, this that and the other, we have paid $900 tp the electric company over the course of the past two months. We have an additional $400 due tomorrow. That’s simply crazy I need to get this bill widdled. down asap or possibly even better,…Move!
– I’m stretching a budget for a small family to that of a large family.
– I’m a currently living on a budget that is partially and directly dependent upon the government. I have additional income but I still find that the Social Security check that I receive for survivors benefits, really helps to make ends meet. I have been worried and concerned over the possible governmental shut down. I’m grateful for the additional funds but entirely
too dependent upon it. If the government were to go down, that check may be delayed at very least.

– I’ve been trying to make more money, stretch our budget, plan meals, live on less.So, at very least, I’m trying.

– Long Term: Protect my family by learning skills to help us financially.
– Learn to cook more from scratch.
– Get back-to-basics in many areas of our lives. Homecooking, canning,dehydrating, gardening and the similar.

Short Term Goals:
– Learn canning basics before the end of 2013.
– October goal will be to learn how to bake a basic loaf of bread.

I’ve started by reading a couple of homesteading books. I’ve followed Homesteading blogs and will follow more to gain knowledge. I’ve also joined Facebook groups such as the group : Homesteading plain and simple. I hope to build a pantry that could sustain our family ! These are some of my worries and goals. I still have many questions and choices to male but at very least: I’ve started!

Happy Homesteading!


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