My Sweepstake Hobby

I noticed this summer that many people were posting about sweepstakes in Facebook. I have hosted blog and Twitter giveaways and I enter similar giveaways. However, I’ve never really thought much about entering sweepstakes.

One day over the summer, I heard about an 80 year old woman that won a multimillion dollar Powerball Lottery jackpot! I was happy for her and being that I rarely participate in purchasing lottery tickets, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t win. You have to play in order to win. A short time later, I read about a sweepstakes win on Facebook. I decided that maybe during my spare time, I’d participate. The best part is that I don’t have to buy my way into the contest!

So, I believe it was June 2013 that I began to play the sweepstakes game. I’ve learned a lot about sweepstakes since that time! Although I’ve won a few Twitter and blog giveaways, I’d learn: Blog giveaways have the best Odds.A much smaller population enters the giveaways, Sweepstakes with over $6,000 in value require both tax responsibilities ( all wins should be reported) and often steps to prove your identity and financial responsibility. For example a notarized affidavit,as in the case of my largest win to date! Every sweepstakes requires a task to be completed such as information to contact you, friend or follow on a social network and similar .I’ve definitely learned that winning a giveaway is most often just a random luck of the draw!

I’ve been entering Twitter and Blog giveaways. I’m also hosting a giveaway on both Twitter and this blog. I am in Twitter as @craftsexaminer Simply follow me thetw and share aka RT my contest giveaway. When I reach 5,000 followers, I’ll be giving away a $100 Visa gift card. On this blog, simply follow by email and comment on the giveaway post that you are following. When I reach 100 new followers I’ll give away a $25 Visa Gify Card. Nice, easy and simple to enter giveaways!

So, in addition to Twitter and Blogs, I’ve entered many giveaways on Facebook and company websites and blogs.Since June, I’ve won:
– A Dooney&Bourke Disney Wristlet ARV:$60.00
-$100 Amazon Gift Card on Twitter via @Benchmark
-$100 Amazon Giveaway from Edutopia
– Twitter’s @eSaleRugs purple rug ARV $125.00
– Awaiting aTea Kettle from Twitter’s @CaStrawberries

And to date my biggest win is from RockStar Energy Drinks: A 2013 Iron 883 Harley Davidsen Motorcycle ARV: $15,298.00

I’m so excited about these wims! They are awesome and Free to enter! It’s like Free gifts and Gift Carf shopping!

So, please follow along and share in the fin of entering sweepstakes online!


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