The I Love Blogging Blues

Happy Monday! I had an enjoyable weekend at home! We just hung out around the house for the majority of the weekend. While we were away from the house, we had a couple of teen drivers taking the reign of the wheel. I think it’s great that two of the girls are driving but it still makes me uneasy too.

We went to a community yard sale and found a couple of great deals! I love being frugal,especially when an opportunity arises! We found Nanny a new dining room set and a big box of name brand clothing including Ralph Lauren, Avenue and Luz Claiborne.Each deal was $10.00. We probably purchased about 20 pair of ladies shorts and pants including a few odds and ends for barley pennies on the dollar! Never underestimate the value of someone else’s junk!

As you may recall from my previous website, I truly love blogging. I honestly love working with brands, families, reviewing products including services and family travel destinations. I love networking with writers, meeting new people, representing companies, freelance writing for clients, educating my family and myself, helping families and giving away wonderful prizes. I love all of this and more about blogging.

Unfortunately, I’ve been posting sporadically. I have been experiencing the blogging blues.I’ve really been upset about losing my domain/url. I miss my website template, ease of use, my readers and access to my email subscription list (still working to recover my subscription list) and basically everything about Mommies and Beyond dot com. It saddens me that although completely legal (not necessarily moral or polite) that someone purchased my blog website url out from under me. I am responsible for taking a break and not purchasing my annual domain prior to expiration or soon after. I am responsible but I really never thought that someone would purchase the url. Hmm, what to do, what to do. I guess as “they” say,(noy sure whom they are) say,” Time to put my big girl panties on” and get back to business! So, I need to brush off the blues and get blogging!


One response to “The I Love Blogging Blues

  1. That’s horrible that your domain went away. 😦 It would give me blogging blues as well.

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